Geeske 2

Lensculture Kritik

Reviewer Portfolio Feedback 

Thank you very much for submitting your work. You have some very engaging imagery in your submission, and I can clearly see your attentiveness in photographically reacting to the human form in an engaging manner. One of the more engaging aspects of your series is your decision to shoot the model through frosted glass. This lends a surface quality to the pictures and calls attention to the illusion of three dimensions within the two-dimensional photograph. The glass also obscures somewhat the details and textures of the subject in a beguiling manner. Interestingly, such an emphasis upon the act of looking and revealing, in the context of a naked female subject posing provocatively, recalls the visual language of a peep show-type of performance. I find images eight and nine some of the more engaging pictures, simply because these arguably suggest a sort of a reserved or anxious quality on the part of the subject, or at least that is my reading. In most of the other pictures, the subject appears to confidently display her body for the subject. However, such bravado seems to be somewhat destabilized in these images. Of course, images one and then also perhaps function in this regard as the subject turns her back to the camera. It is these images I find most engaging because they instill a sense of narrative and psychology to the series. In regard to your compositional construction, you consistently place the subject in the middle of the frame and in the same scale. I don’t see that this is necessary. As your shooting parameters are particularly narrow – you shoot the same subject, and in the same kind of light, through frosted glass and finally you essentially employ only one composition. I suggest you alter how you frame the subject much more frequently – consider moving her around the picture frame and also getting alternately closer to and further from the subject. This will allow for more varied imagery in your series and will also instill a degree of visual rhythm and pacing across the images. This will also allow you to more clearly evoke and destabilize your notion of the contours of the figure becoming clearer. I hope you can tell that I found this work highly engaging overall. My primary suggestion is to think about creating more varied compositions as I think this will improve the overall strength of the series. I’ve enjoyed viewing your work, and I hope to see more in the future.

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